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Ethische code

ETHISCHE CODE ENNEAGRAM van de International Enneagram Association (IEA)
Promoting the Highest Human Values Through the Insights of the Enneagram

Professional Standards:

  • The Enneagram is primarily an instrument for self-knowledge and personal transformation
    Keeping a conscious focus on our own motives and behavior helps avoid the common pitfalls of our type. Self-knowledge involves constant inquiry into our own agendas and defenses, and transformation requires the courage to act against the structures and habits of our personalities.
  • We can be a soure of help to one another
    The Enneagram invites us to wake up from habit and recurring defensive patterns. In that sense we each serve to remind others of the differences among us and of the integrity of different points of view. Doctrine and theory are far less important than keeping the conversation open.
  • Allow others to discover themselves
    The Enneagram has profound effects on people. It is most effective when we allow others to discover their type, rather than assuming that we know them better than they know themselves. Be sensitive to their reactions, their changing picture of themselves, and their need to integrate new information.
  • Type does not fully describe an individual
    The Enneagram does not tell us about a person´s history or anything meaningful about the quality of their character, their intelligence, or their talents. People are more than their type. This is particularly important to remember in the workplace.
  • The Enneagram is an important tool for compassion
    In seeing the intensions and logic of other types, it becomes less likely that we will dismiss, judge, or demean each other. Listen closely to individual stories; we do not know each other simply because we know each other´s type. Stereotyping indicates closed-mindedness, an assumption that we already know about a person´s attitude and motivation. Stereotyping arises largely because of past negative encounters with someone of the same type, and it limits growth and opportunities in the present.
  • The Enneagram is a work in progress
    Many have contributed to it, and many will do so in the future. Therefore be explicit about giving attribution to the work of others. Name your sources and honor the originality and hard work of other contributors. Take it upon yourself to maintain standards of scholarship, thus promoting a collegial atmosphere in the sharing of information.
  • No individual owns the Enneagram
    The Enneagram cannot be controlled, monopolized, or withheld from public discussion. Restricting the right to communicate, develop, and share information about the system is contrary to the Enneagram´s liberation and empowering spirit.
  • The system encourages us to "walk the walk" of transformation
    The Enneagram encourages us to embody the work of transformation ourselves, to stand as living examples of self-inquiry and practical change in the service of spiritual liberation